Running on the Field of Wonder January 13 2018

As I type this, I realize that I’ve never typed 2018 before – we’ve entered an entirely new year and I suspect, a new era. I wonder what it will bring? I wonder what I’ll create & where I will travel & who will cross my path? I wonder what will keep it new? Carolyn Casey introduced me to the practice of wonder. She says that wonder is an invocation to the universe that invites the appropriate characters, stories, allies and answers to our lives. It’s easy to get tired in this life – there are so many endless & ordinary things to do that leave little time for imagination. It’s easy to see that so much of the world is suffering from a lack of imagination & wonder. It’s going to take each & every one of us to invite magic into our lives so it will pour into this world or we will be stuck in the 4th act of tragedy, which is “Look how awful it is?” Wasn’t that what 2017 was about? She says – “We’ve forgotten that there is a 5th act that goes like this in a voice of wonder - "And look how beautiful it could be!!!." This is where it gets real. This is where the tired get imaginative, because this is where we create and envision just how beautiful it could be.

Picture your life (because it all starts here). Are you living stories that are too old & tired for you? Are you satisfied with your options – this or that? If you’re not, this is a great place to make wonder part of your life. Wonder is an opportunity to make the universe your creative ally. It’s a great way to invite fresh content into your life and provide answers to the many challenges that pop up. It’s easy to do. Just for a minute, wonder about your life and its many facets. Are there options you never imagined? Then invite them in for a conversation. Wonder about who & what might show up to help you with that. I’m often amazed at who crosses my path after I do this. Taking a few moments here and there to have a conversation with your imagination and that of the universe – well, that’s a whole lot more interesting than what’s on the news & social media. Your mind will thank you because it gets tired of its own logic and a little wonder can freshen it up.

What have you got to lose? Are you tired of the limited possibilities being presented by people who have no imagination at all? There’s a part of our selves that is dying for imagination - that is fueled by curiosity and a sense that there is so much more possible. This is what fuels my art & my life. You’ll see this theme often on my website & social media –  

I’ll see you soon – running on the field of wonder with your imagination & innocence making a comeback to play & create a life & a world of your dreams. Stay in touch here or on social media for ways to adorn those dreams.

So many blessings to you,