Kelli Davis Designs

Intentional Jewelry 

Autumn is here & the world is opening up &, so how does a goddess begin a new season? She stays close to her values with an open heart. She takes the opportunity to make new choices that are a contribution to the world. She has faith in a new world emerging whose currency is love. This is transformation & the way we make the world a kinder & more beautiful place.

Then she adorns herself in the cooling blues & greens of Aquamarine & Chalcedony, as they keep our eyes to the skies of possibility & the waters that replenish the earth. Citrine captures the warm sunlight of summer days & channels it into healing. Pyrite keeps the body healthy, grounded & strong. 

 108 thank you's to everyone who has supported my work. I love to adorn you & am committed to adding beauty & encouragement to the world. There are many gems that encourage health & well-being & I would love to help you choose something personal & powerful for YOU.

 This is a time for LOVE & KINDNESS & the beauty of BECOMING.

Take good care of yourselves & each other. This is how we thrive.

with love,


P.S. Thanks to technology, we can meet privately over Zoom & create around your specific wants, dreams, challenges & conditions. This way, I can offer my skills as an intuitive artist & healer to create or choose something both personal & powerful for YOU.