Garden of Your Dreams Collection

This collection represents the Garden of Your Dreams and invites you to consider what you have planted there? What are you dreaming of & cultivating? How are you nourishing your dreams - with a healthy dose of regular attention &  wonder, as in "I wonder how .......will show up in my life?" "I wonder what would help me feel more Joyous? Loved? Prosperous?" "I wonder what I might add to my garden?" When you wear the Garden of Your Dreams, it's a beautiful reminder of your dream garden and an opportunity to give it some love & attention, like a small yet potent ritual. Sit for a minute and consider what is there & imagine it in ways that really light you up. See it, smell it, feel it and become it. Notice the spacious way you feel & then put your garden on. Wear it through your day and inspire others to live their dreams.

The seeds of this collection are -

Amethyst which reminds you of the love that you are & that love makes things bloom because it is such a high vibration.

Pink Sapphires - Heart wisdom for those who dare to dream.

Peridot - Protection from weeds & predators. Tones your garden and gives it the vitality to go from a seed to a beautiful bloom.

Optional seeds are numerous, so if there is something that sings to you - I can easily add to the garden.

Rubies - for joy and passion, makes for a wonderful fertilizer.

Iolite - to create yourself and your dreams with a fresh start - free from old conditioning and habits.

Citrine - an enhancer of blessings, confidence builder for growing your garden.


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