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It's almost time for the holidays! Much is ending & beginning anew & I can't help but wonder what else might be possible for 2023. I like the image of a big, witchy cauldron of our hopes, dreams, possible regrets or things we would like to spice up for the next round. I wonder what I can create to be a contribution to life & its personal & collective challenges, as well as possibilities? We shall see. 

One thing I'm sure of - If we all begin to spend more time imagining the world we want to live in, the vision will begin to come more naturally. I'm voting for kindness, cooperation & consideration. I'm voting for art & creativity & all forms of imagination. I'm voting for the earth, her elements & all her creatures.

In the meantime, check out my current collections for inspirational adornment that will take you home! I love to adorn you.

What are you dreaming of? Let me know how I may adorn you & your dreams. I'm excited about being more available for custom work and new collections drawn on my experiences in beautiful & powerful locales.

For up to date creations check out kellidavisdesigns Instagram  Kelli Davis Designs Facebook & my personal FB page to see what I'm creating and the inspiration behind it - all in real time.  


take good care of each other, it's a potent time in the world.


Oct 6-8
Rio Grande Balloon Festival Arts Show
Albuquerque, NM
Nov 10-12
Fountain Hills Festival #B93
Fountain Hills, AZ
Nov 17-19
Tucson Museum of Art 
Tucson, AZ
Stay tuned for more dates as the jury results come in.  I'll be adorning your dreams at many art shows in 2023
See you somewhere wonderful, very soon!

* If you have a great art, dance or yoga workshop/festival in your area - please send me an email or host one of your own!

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Past Shows
Art Fair Jackson
Teton Village Art Show
River Arts Festival Memphis
Bayou City Art Festival
Bodega Seafood & Wine Festival
Durango Art Show
One of a Kind Show Chicago
Vail Arts Festival
Literally 100's of yoga events!