About Kelli

Artist, Healer, Inspirer


Many people ask me “how did you get started with this?”  I never dreamed I’d become an artist - I always thought I’d be a therapist and professor in a clinical psych program somewhere. Teaching and working with people had always been my dream. I am fascinated by the way that people survive and even thrive despite challenges that would seem to crush them. Yet, the more I studied and trained, the more I realized that as fascinating as that journey is – what inspires us, if far more interesting to me and just as healing. 


When I became a Reiki Master and started working with energy consciously & intentionally, I discovered a whole new world of inspiration through art. Gemstones and pearls are concentrated forms of consciousness that have many different properties. As I began to work with them in my healing practice, I noticed how gem colors would come into a session  and announce themselves. For example, a certain blue would appear and I would “know” that it was Fluorite. They would appear at the perfect time, in the perfect place and often remain around the client as if to say “We would like to work with you”. They became my allies and I searched for a way to bring them into everyday life. I started making necklaces to inspire my journey. People noticed. Strangers stopped me on the street. My friends noticed the difference in my energy. I felt more beautiful, engaged and alive when I was wearing them. Soon after, Kelli Davis Designs was born.


I am deeply passionate about inspiring this world through my art. As I create, I invite the universe into forms to adorn your dreams, your imaginary limitations, or the scars on your beautiful heart. Beauty inspires and invites us to cross the threshold of the ordinary into the sacred and feel the creative forces that love this world unseen. When we feel this connection - we, too, can love and inspire this world.


While I don't promise that one of my necklaces will shift your life - they just might. They've inspired the lives of many,  including my own.


with love & devotion,



These days require adornment