Teachings of Delight

The Teachings of Delight embodied in Chalcedony, Citrine & a Baroque Pearl, remind us of the sacred nature of our play. Like the dolphins who shift & transform energy as they play along our shores, we, too, bless the world with our delight. While the teachings of suffering & our willingness to work on our wounding & limitations is powerful, it will only take us so far before we are asked "what do you wish to create?" How will you adorn your healing heart & find your belly laugh? Your life is your art - may you delight in it.

Chalcedony brings peace & harmony and an ability to transmute the poisons of the world. Citrine stabilizes and enhances everything around it with its prosperous energy, both in terms of mood, finances, & more. Pearls symbolize grace - the kind we create - for the oyster makes its greatest work of art from a challenge.