Spring is here!!! and so is my Strength Collection March 22 2016

Spring is here and she sure is exciting! The energy that makes grass turn green & trees & flowers bud, is revving up inside and outside of us. With the Equinox happening between 2 eclipses,the stars and planets have added some extra voltage to the mix. Are you feeling it? What's a goddess to do?!? Two words - Adorn Yourself!

There are so many new collections emerging from my imagination(lots of fireworks!!!) and I'm loving the elements of my new Strength Collection. Onyx & Peridot (vibrant green and elegant black) are perfect for those times in your life when your inner strength deserves a boost for the new growth you've embraced.To see the tendrils of new beginnings and dreams emerge out of the depths of winter, is pretty exciting and Peridot loves to help you let go of old stories & baggage.It's great for re-starting your metabolism after a long winter, too. Renewal is the theme & Onyx provides the personal strength, stamina & confidence to keep you steady. It's time for a new you and a new view of life. Great for sensitive people in sensitive times - let's dig our roots into the earth and keep growing our dreams, for ourselves and this world. 

For another perspective - here is the Wisdom Goddess who inspired the Strength Collection. 

Matangi guides the way from the depths of the forest. She is one of the Wisdom Goddesses/Mahavidyas - born out of the scraps of food left over from a ritual. She emerges & operates outside of the caste system - so beautiful,a goddess unto her self, free from the confines of old systems. She welcomes all with her black Kali exterior - Onyx. Her eyes are green Peridot as she gazes on you with knowing. She sees your strong, wild & independent self & urges you on - to dare to dance outside the lines of difficult situations or roles that have become too small.

I love to adorn you,


Most Days Require Adornment