The Ganesh Project

There's something about elephants that has always captured my imagination and I'd been considering various ways to support elephants when in late 2010 it seemed that every time I thought or talked about elephants, I cried. I decided to go to Thailand and find an elephant project that I could support. From the moment I decided, the universe started lining up the invitations, opportunities and allies. It's funny how that happens when you follow your heart. Three different people told me about Elephant Nature Foundation and the tiny yet mighty woman named Lek who started it in the Chiang Mai region.As it turns out, two different friends were leading retreats in the same region and invited me to bring my jewelry and adorn. It seemed that I couldn't not go, lol.

Once I got there, it was both amazing and shocking at the same time. To see what one woman had created, with the help of many reminded me of the strength of our community of co-inspirers - our kulas. What was shocking is the state of elephants in Thailand - the torture that is a part of their training and the starvation and abuse they suffer as participants in the elephant entertainment economy.

After I met Lek, I knew I had found the right project to support.  Her organization provides both sanctuary, vet supplies and treatment,  and education to change consciousness and conditions for elephants. With this project, I invite you to be one of her supporter, too, as you adorn your beautiful heart with Ganesh and the gemstones that capture your dreams and intentions. Ganesh is the keeper of thresholds, the placer & remover of obstacles, whose trunk is always reaching for the sweetness of life & the freedom,  just like the elephants I met in Thailand. 10% of this project goes to Elephant Nature Foundation and the 35 elephants that live at the sanctuary.

You can also sponsor an elephant at,learn more about Lek's project and maybe even visit. Reach for your dreams and make a difference in the world of elephants and your own.