Toes - Mendocino, 2018 April 15 2018

I am a lover of this Earth

My toes reach down into the warm sand

and touch her with my light.

We linger.

We love.

We imagine this feeling spreading over the world,

into toes everywhere.

Creeping up into hearts and minds

to bless the world.

We love. We are lovers.

It is easy and natural

and also astonishing.




My Big Experiment - Mendocino March 10 2018

I have a beautiful campsite in the forest for my RV, whose name is BEE and she is my home, studio & center of operations where I endeavor to make the world a more beautiful & inspired place...straight from the magic of the forest & the sea. I’ll see you soon – running on the field of wonder where nature, imagination, caring & art make a comeback in this world. Read the rest of my story, here.

Running on the Field of Wonder January 13 2018

There’s a part of our selves that is dying for imagination - that is fueled by curiosity and a sense that there is so much more possible. This is what fuels my art & my life. You’ll see this theme often on my website & social media –

New Influences May 19 2017

In a world that has become increasingly loud & hateful, I find myself searching for new influences, in small & large ways because honestly, a lot of what has served me in the past comes up short. I’m even searching for a new soundtrack, too. The music I used to listen to just doesn’t do it anymore & seems like just more noise. A lot of the world sounds like that. Though there is an incredible amount of genius in the world, a lot of it is devoted to endless critique, yet critique with out vision is just more noise. Yes, we need to be able to understand and acknowledge the way our systems have become tools for hatred and exclusion, to say “yes” to some people and “no” to others….to value rules & systems over relationships. The old paradigms of power – to do unto others whatever awful thing you want to do because you think you have more power than they do, have been having a field day. It is time for us to discover what real power is – the power to create and imagine and envision the world we want to live in….that is real power. There is a lot of “fighting back” in the world and I wonder if perhaps living more fully for what is possible is a better way to make those old paradigms of power fade away. It is for me. In the face of our individual and collective genius, we create a better world through imagination & discovery & showing up. Each person has this innate power & now is the time to live it. This isn’t bought or sold or taken away or allocated out of privilege. When we recognize it, the threats of inhumanity become greater reasons to live in a world that needs our imagination , our genius, more than ever.
I’ve been listening to Michael Meade and his Living Myths podcast. He is a gifted storyteller & myth weaver whose talks inspired this. Check out his podcast or book "The Genius Myth.

Spring is here!!! and so is my Strength Collection March 22 2016

Spring is here and she sure is exciting! The energy that makes grass turn green & trees & flowers bud, is revving up inside and outside of us. With the Equinox happening between 2 eclipses,the stars and planets have added some extra voltage to the mix. Are you feeling it? What's a goddess to do?!? Two words - Adorn Yourself!

There are so many new collections emerging from my imagination(lots of fireworks!!!) and I'm loving the elements of my new Strength Collection. Onyx & Peridot (vibrant green and elegant black) are perfect for those times in your life when your inner strength deserves a boost for the new growth you've embraced.To see the tendrils of new beginnings and dreams emerge out of the depths of winter, is pretty exciting and Peridot loves to help you let go of old stories & baggage.It's great for re-starting your metabolism after a long winter, too. Renewal is the theme & Onyx provides the personal strength, stamina & confidence to keep you steady. It's time for a new you and a new view of life. Great for sensitive people in sensitive times - let's dig our roots into the earth and keep growing our dreams, for ourselves and this world. 

For another perspective - here is the Wisdom Goddess who inspired the Strength Collection. 

Matangi guides the way from the depths of the forest. She is one of the Wisdom Goddesses/Mahavidyas - born out of the scraps of food left over from a ritual. She emerges & operates outside of the caste system - so beautiful,a goddess unto her self, free from the confines of old systems. She welcomes all with her black Kali exterior - Onyx. Her eyes are green Peridot as she gazes on you with knowing. She sees your strong, wild & independent self & urges you on - to dare to dance outside the lines of difficult situations or roles that have become too small.

I love to adorn you,


Most Days Require Adornment

Drama becomes drama-less February 18 2015

I love it when drama becomes drama-less.... Like the other day when I was in a car accident that looked like it was going to be really bad. I was the creamy center in the three car sandwich. Cars were bouncing off each other, total chaos, and then things got really still, in the middle of it. Somehow it all worked out - this huge potential for drama became drama-less. After all that bam! bam! bam!, I went to the ER and had myself checked out, and amazingly there just wasn't anything to worry about. Drama-dissolved. My car is another story, but it's a lot easier to replace auto parts than body parts. I am so grateful, I think we all are. Thanks universe. 

$108 Collection December 16 2014

I’m so delighted to introduce my $108 Collection for the holidays….or just about any day for that matter. These came out of my desire to make potent, petite bytes of adornment that are perfect to stand-alone or layer with other personal pieces. While I love to create big, beautiful, complex necklaces, sometimes I just want to hint at something, or make a quick point. And, they make great gifts that are affordable, intentional & beautiful.
They say that we are made of beauty & beauty is evocative – It invites & even demands a response. Say something beautiful to someone you love with a beautiful necklace from the $108 collection and please don’t forget YOU during the holidays. It just might be YOUR beautiful heart that wants to be adorned.
They also say -
Most days require adornment

Adorn your dreams

More Fine Ways to Deal with Floods October 13 2013

My dear friend Sherry, a veteran of many hurricanes, (the cocktail kind, too), introduced me to disaster management New Orleans style. Here are 5 easy steps (not!!) to deal. In fact, I find these steps work well with just about any drama or dilemma you might face. Remember, the Goddess uses all her tools! 
1. Get everything in place for whatever might happen - this includes packing a bag and running like hell!!
2. Put on your favorite necklace and pray!
3. Let go of the outcome
4. Get together with your favorite friends & drink & feast & party ‘cause you can!
5. Celebrate and toast to all that you love about your life & this world – 
In honor of our Epic Flood of 2013, I’ve created “The Boulder Flood” cocktail
1 shot organic vodka
2 shots Guava Goddess Kombucha
2 dashes of your favorite bitters
1/4 organic lime
shaken or stirred – it matters not. With the right company, this cocktail will delight your mind, mood and digestion….and keep you going until the danger has passed!

FEMA & Notes from the Flood October 01 2013

Greetings from after the Boulder Flood – 
September turned out to be one of the wildest rides of my life -  While Ganesh held his parasol over my building, all around my neighborhood and much of the city, basements flooded with sewage water. Towns and roads were washed away. People died and lives were changed forever. As it went on and on and still goes on, I realized that disasters aren’t events - they are deep processes that change your inner landscape as well as the world around you. It’s never been so easy to cry. Every time I go into the FEMA office, I realize the fragility and the resourcefulness of people. So many came out and helped, cared, and really showed up for each other.  It hasn’t been all love and light, though. While the unexpected generosity of strangers is at an all time high, the road rage is, too. People are stretched to their edges and bite for no apparent reason. We are each working out our stuff in whatever way we can – that’s clear.


I’ve been at the FEMA disaster recovery center a lot lately for various reasons and the compassion, patience and overall friendliness of the workers that I've witnessed have touched me deeply. Yesterday, a worker was interviewing a man for assistance. As they finished and he walked away, the FEMA worker turned away so he wouldn't see her cry. I asked if I could give her a hug and her arms flew open instantly. Considering the stories these workers have heard, to still be touched to tears reminds me of the world I want to live in....where people still care deeply and authentically. Though life seems full of  problems that can crush you -  there are still so many ways to bless the world.


A few days later, she bought a necklace from my "Heaven and Earth” collection in Copper and Blue Quartz.

Life is just full of surprises.


In fact, I'm changing my tag line from "Most Days Require Adornment" to "These Days Require Adornment" because they do & you will rarely find me unadorned. My fingers often find their way to the pendant I'm wearing - the familiarity is comforting and keeps my feet on the ground. It seems that when everything around you is changing, it's the little things that can become your touchstones - reminders of what makes your heart sing....and that may be all the peace you need.


Care & Cleaning January 02 2013

How to Care for Your Kelli Davis Designs Creations

Congratulations! You are the new owner of an amazing piece of fine jewelry. It is lovingly made out of semi-precious stones & pearls and is delicate, as you can imagine.

Many people ask me how to clean & care for their jewels. The first step is to care for them like a living being, fine and precious. Keep them out of danger, that means water, humidity and baths. Steer clear of hard surfaces and remove them while engaged in strenuous activity (in the gym, yoga , or bed!!!). Did you know, even an unset diamond will break if it hits a tiled or ceramic surface?!

Your necklace is either created on chain or strung on 49 strands of wire covered in nylon. It’s best to coil them & avoid any rough play, wearing on the wrist or crumpling in pockets.

My earrings are usually made with briolettes - gems that are drilled at the narrowest part and attached. It's best to wrap them loosely in something soft when they aren't attached to your ears or hang them on an earring tree.


If your necklace or earrings has pearls, it will require a pearl-friendly cleaner and a soft cloth – no abrasives! Pearls respond best to regular wear – they love the oils of our skin. If there are a few pearls on your chain, just go around them.

All Other Jewelry:

Here are some ideas from Planet Green to make your own environmentally friendly cleaners.
Jewelry Cleaner Recipe: 

A soft toothbrush
¼ cup (non-ammonia) eco-friendly window cleaner
1 tbsp natural toothpaste not gel
A damp cloth


For gems, use the toothbrush and the window cleaner to gently polish your gems.
For silver & goldfill jewelry, use the toothpaste, toothbrush and a damp cloth to clean the metal.
Polish those babies gently & lovingly (who doesn't love that)?!


If you are tempted to use more toxic variations you may use a little ammonia and hot water for gems or Tarnex for metals. Short soak times are a must as well as knowledge of stones that might be ruined by either. Don't overdo it!

High Tech

For more professional results, we are currently testing some ultrasonic & ionic devices and will post them on this website for purchase as soon as we are certain they are worth it. Ultrasonic cleaners can be harmful to many semi-precious stones so be careful and stay tuned for our recommendations.


How to energize, clear and love-up your CrocusPocus friends (my favorite subject)!!
Once a month or whenever they feel a little heavy, dull, or sad just take them in your hands and lovingly ask that they be restored to their perfection. Whatever your devotional practice is, whether you sing, pray, Reiki or love them up the way a mother holds a child in her hands when they've fallen down, it matters not (they like all of it, wouldn't you)?

Sleep Tight

At night, they love to be placed on a little pillow or crystal to re-charge for the night while you do the same. Put them in the window under the full or new moon. I like to put some of my favorite pieces on my Quan Yin, Ganesha and Nataraj when I'm not wearing them.

Gem-Mother Therapy

Last but not least, if you dearly love your necklace and wear it a lot, please send it back to its Gem-mother (Me) when it begins to show wear (preferably before it breaks – eeks!) For a small investment, I will clean, re-string, replace any broken stones and update their energy. Depending on how much you love it, this may need to happen once a year.