FEMA & Notes from the Flood October 01 2013

Greetings from after the Boulder Flood – 
September turned out to be one of the wildest rides of my life -  While Ganesh held his parasol over my building, all around my neighborhood and much of the city, basements flooded with sewage water. Towns and roads were washed away. People died and lives were changed forever. As it went on and on and still goes on, I realized that disasters aren’t events - they are deep processes that change your inner landscape as well as the world around you. It’s never been so easy to cry. Every time I go into the FEMA office, I realize the fragility and the resourcefulness of people. So many came out and helped, cared, and really showed up for each other.  It hasn’t been all love and light, though. While the unexpected generosity of strangers is at an all time high, the road rage is, too. People are stretched to their edges and bite for no apparent reason. We are each working out our stuff in whatever way we can – that’s clear.


I’ve been at the FEMA disaster recovery center a lot lately for various reasons and the compassion, patience and overall friendliness of the workers that I've witnessed have touched me deeply. Yesterday, a worker was interviewing a man for assistance. As they finished and he walked away, the FEMA worker turned away so he wouldn't see her cry. I asked if I could give her a hug and her arms flew open instantly. Considering the stories these workers have heard, to still be touched to tears reminds me of the world I want to live in....where people still care deeply and authentically. Though life seems full of  problems that can crush you -  there are still so many ways to bless the world.


A few days later, she bought a necklace from my "Heaven and Earth” collection in Copper and Blue Quartz.

Life is just full of surprises.


In fact, I'm changing my tag line from "Most Days Require Adornment" to "These Days Require Adornment" because they do & you will rarely find me unadorned. My fingers often find their way to the pendant I'm wearing - the familiarity is comforting and keeps my feet on the ground. It seems that when everything around you is changing, it's the little things that can become your touchstones - reminders of what makes your heart sing....and that may be all the peace you need.