More Fine Ways to Deal with Floods October 13 2013

My dear friend Sherry, a veteran of many hurricanes, (the cocktail kind, too), introduced me to disaster management New Orleans style. Here are 5 easy steps (not!!) to deal. In fact, I find these steps work well with just about any drama or dilemma you might face. Remember, the Goddess uses all her tools! 
1. Get everything in place for whatever might happen - this includes packing a bag and running like hell!!
2. Put on your favorite necklace and pray!
3. Let go of the outcome
4. Get together with your favorite friends & drink & feast & party ‘cause you can!
5. Celebrate and toast to all that you love about your life & this world – 
In honor of our Epic Flood of 2013, I’ve created “The Boulder Flood” cocktail
1 shot organic vodka
2 shots Guava Goddess Kombucha
2 dashes of your favorite bitters
1/4 organic lime
shaken or stirred – it matters not. With the right company, this cocktail will delight your mind, mood and digestion….and keep you going until the danger has passed!