New Influences May 19 2017

In a world that has become increasingly loud & hateful, I find myself searching for new influences, in small & large ways because honestly, a lot of what has served me in the past comes up short. I’m even searching for a new soundtrack, too. The music I used to listen to just doesn’t do it anymore & seems like just more noise. A lot of the world sounds like that. Though there is an incredible amount of genius in the world, a lot of it is devoted to endless critique, yet critique with out vision is just more noise. Yes, we need to be able to understand and acknowledge the way our systems have become tools for hatred and exclusion, to say “yes” to some people and “no” to others….to value rules & systems over relationships. The old paradigms of power – to do unto others whatever awful thing you want to do because you think you have more power than they do, have been having a field day. It is time for us to discover what real power is – the power to create and imagine and envision the world we want to live in….that is real power. There is a lot of “fighting back” in the world and I wonder if perhaps living more fully for what is possible is a better way to make those old paradigms of power fade away. It is for me. In the face of our individual and collective genius, we create a better world through imagination & discovery & showing up. Each person has this innate power & now is the time to live it. This isn’t bought or sold or taken away or allocated out of privilege. When we recognize it, the threats of inhumanity become greater reasons to live in a world that needs our imagination , our genius, more than ever.
I’ve been listening to Michael Meade and his Living Myths podcast. He is a gifted storyteller & myth weaver whose talks inspired this. Check out his podcast or book "The Genius Myth.