Honey on the Heart (larger blue)


Honey on the Heart - blue/green aquamarines & buttery Keishi pearls surround a beautiful, naturally golden Edison pearl. These are all freshwater pearls at their finest. Edison pearls are the result of 20 years of research into new pearl farming techniques & honestly, I haven’t seen luster like this in anything but the most expensive Tahitian & south Sea pearls. It’s a beautiful reminder of the grace we create, making beauty out of challenge.
This goes out to all you beauty makers in the throes of transformational times, both personal AND collective -it’s for the benefit of the earth & all her beings.

Be the honey on this world’s exquisite, aching heart. 
There is a whole team of seen & unseen allies here to support you. 

16” with a 2 1/2” extender ending in gems. 
goldfill accents

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