Rose Quartz & Pearl Mala


Rose Quartz & silvery salt-water pearls combine to remind you of love in all its forms. There's nothing like the feeling of swimming in an ocean of pearls. The unusual color of these pearls is naturally created from the ocean, herself - so alluring & inviting. Rose quartz celebrates love, both romantic or the love you have for your own beautiful heart. The pearls are a symbol for grace - the grace you create, for the oyster makes its greatest work of art from a challenge. Totally one-of-a-kind handmade and blessed by yours truly. This mala in soft & yet mysterious colors really makes a goddess glow. I like to wear a mala like this both long or doubled.

Sterling silver accents complete the vision and experience.

This mala is also available with an exquisite rose quartz pendant instead of a tassel. contact me for details.