Heaven & Earth long chain


This version of Heaven & Earth comes straight from the redwood forest & wild seas of Mendocino, Ca. It’s a soulful dance between the earth energy & the infinite possibilities of the heavenly blue skies. It’s said that our inspiration is limited only by our ability to ground. That’s what I am up to personally & that’s my intention for this collection. May it serve you in your own discoveries as we work together on one of the main themes of this astrological year.

The "Heaven and Earth Collection" emerged originally from the Boulder Flood and it's no surprise, for Water is the element of Blue Quartz, Pearls and Copper. Heaven and Earth collide beautifully in Blue Quartz & Copper. Blue Quartz is a sustainable synthetic quartz that creates a clear container for intentions and blessings of all kinds. Copper is in fact, humanity’s first metal and is associated with the planet and astrological sign of Venus. Its ability to conduct and enhance energy makes it an excellent tool to heal the mind and body. This warm, malleable metal is also a great conductor for directing your thoughts, dreams and intentions. In terms of the environment, Copper is an essential material to build efficient and renewable energy systems of the future because it transmits energy with maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact. It is also readily available.

41” solid copper chain with heart-shaped clasp. May be worn long or double.