The Ganesh Project - Amethyst (Silver)


With this project I invite you to adorn your beautiful heart with Ganesh and gemstones that capture your dreams and intentions. Each one has different qualities that speak to & empower your intentions.

Ganesh is the keeper of thresholds the placer & remover of obstacles whose trunk is always reaching for freedom and the sweetness of life, just as we reach for our dreams. 10% of this project goes to Elephant Nature Foundation and the 35 elephants that live at the sanctuary and their outreach programs.

Choose this Ganesh in Amethyst if you are interested in protection tranquility and being the love that you are. Love is the answer to everything with this Ganesh necklace.

The Ganesh pendant is a heavy-duty Rhodium plate over brass. Rhodium is from the platinum family hypo-allergenic and resistant to tarnish. It has a lovely lustrous patina and endures well. The lobster clasp chain and accents are Sterling Silver. 

This necklace is 16 inches in length with a 3-inch adjustable chain in back with one gemstone bead at the end. Additional lengths are available.

Each Ganesh Necklace is handmade by yours truly with the highest intentions.

Adorn your dreams and make a difference.

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