For the Redwoods


I’m in this remarkable place where the largest old-growth redwood forests are left in the world. 5% - that’s all they were able to save from logging & “development”. It’s a heartbreakingly beautiful place as giant trees are juxtaposed with enormous stumps. It’s so alive.

I love to translate the energy of place into jewelry, so I set up my table & asked the trees what they wanted me to say. This is what they said - I’ll translate it for you - 

“expand your capacity to love. Let your heart break open & love when it’s not convenient, when it’s almost impossible. Turn it into compassion for even those who would cut us down or use us & the earth as if it is nothing & inexhaustible. 

Remember the dreams of your soul - especially the ones you haven’t finished defining yet.

Know that the earth loves you & supports you & & there are many forces who conspire on your behalf.

Bless the world with the grace you create & remember that the oyster makes art from a challenge. Your life, your challenge & what you do with it is your greatest work of art.”

This beautiful Chrysocolla pendant is a copper based mineral with extravagant colors & details. Rust brown & gold keishi pearls provide a rich setting with Peridot & Blue apatite throughout  

16” long with goldfill accents @ 2 1/2” adjustable chain ending in graduated gems