My experience with the Eclipse in Jackson, WY inspired this inviting intersection of dark & light, with a sapphire blue labradorite pendant, kyanite & champagne Quartz. 

Mmmmmmagic is hiding in plain sight, just waiting to be discovered in the ordinary. This labradorite is far from ordinary, tho. There’s a whole universe in it - Blues you can only imagine & even a hint of purple somewhere in its expression. This is the latest in the Eclipse collection I began last year around the total eclipse that swept magic across the earth’s landscape. After completing this cycle of eclipses recently, this version is wed to the Violet flame (something beautiful I’ve been meditating with) that anchors in The Grand Tetons. More pics to follow, this piece is organized around kyanite & champagne quartz. Translation? Just enough grounding, protection & energy/chakra alignment to take you through the next several chapters of your becomong  

Goldfill & goldplate accents. 16"

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