Deep Cycles & Hessonite


Winter is here & with it are deep cycles of life that are quietly setting the stage for spring's delight.The salmon are returning home. Grey whales are making their way down the coast towards the Sea of Cortez, where it will soon be time to have their babies. the winter rains are nourishing everything! Hessonite garnet provides the rich brown focus. It is a wonderful stone for people who are dedicated to helping others because it helps manifest joy & abundance with a deep bow of respect for your commitment. Surrounding it are gradient Tundra sapphires in sage, cognac & wine. Their smooth finish glows with an earthy wisdom that honors the cycles of life - their exquisite timing & impact on life's next expression. Citrine adds abundance in all things - mood, $, blessings & empowers everything around it. 

16" in goldfill with extendable chain & gem drops

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