Golden Pearl, Citrine & Amethyst 1/2 Mala


Be the love that you are - grounded in grace & the Earth's embrace. I love creating malas with pearls because the oyster makes its greatest work of art from a challenge. This half-mala of warm golden brown pearls represents the grace we create with our love, compassion and willingness to keep saying "yes" to life and love despite the challenges. Amethyst - both lavender and deep purple bring in the highest aspects of yourself. Rounding this out is Citrine, the best anti-depressant & confidence-builder in the gem world and will make you feel like the sun is shining down on you saying "Yes, you can. You are everything you ever dreamed of." Beautiful lavender & deep purple amethyst complete the symphony


31 inches long, including pendant. Gold fill & plate accents.

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