Citrine Honey Mala - 108 pearls


There's nothing like a little honey in this life. This mala of 108 lustrous pearls has accents of golden sunlight & earthy iron pyrite to both ground and inspire you. Imagine the way that the Divine meets your heart and pours honey on it - like an extra dose of source, sweetness, abundance & nectar for busy, beautiful bees. Citrine embraces & magnifies prosperity in all things, whether its mood, love or money.The pyrite adds a hug from the earth & carries the potential for your  physical health & healing.

Handmade tassel in creamy & golden tones. This mala comes below the waist approx. & is 45" long.

I usually make these for each person as they are ordered, so please, do let me know what intentions you would like to be included, while I'm creating it.