Brazilian Aquamarine & Topaz


Lustrous peach keishi pearls surround soft green Aquamarines & Topaz from Brazil in a combination I call “the Lush Goddess”. These are big & beautiful stones that have “presence”, yet are very feminine & refined. Peach keishi pearls soften the big rocks & make this necklace comfortable & lightweight. Brazilian stones have an unmistakable look & feel which is why they’ve inspired me since the beginning  

Energetics - these are truly high vibrational stones from Brazil. The smaller stones are from the “mimosa mine” & I know the man who mines them. Aquamarine is my favorite ally for transformation & the courage to do it. The green color suggests an added emphasis on the heart & it’s journey of love. Topaz delivers the energy to manifest allies & resources to your journey, thus, it adds the earth. Pearls are my favorite symbol for the grace we create - just as the oyster makes its greatest work of art from a challenge. 

16” finished in 18kt gold