Blue whale labradorite - sold - other options available


This one is for the blue whales 🐳 that I encountered years ago feeding on a sea of krill. One of them turned her gaze on me & I burst into tears - joyful tears & I knew we had made an appointment long ago. Honestly, my life was never the same. This is for her & all the whales that bless the world endlessly with their songs. May they be blessed, loved, guided & protected- may we hold them in deep regard & gratitude. May we acknowledge our deep connection to nature & the need for wild places. 

The pendant is blue, green labradorite that shifts endlessly in the light blue whales are actually dark grey until just as they surface, the light refracts to create a beautiful blue much like this blue zircon. Labradorite for the mystery we come from & bring to this world. It sings the song of our home on the stars  if you are a sensitive person or have often felt alone in this world, labradorite envelops you in the feeling of home. Blue zircon is a beautiful gem for evolutionary consciousness. Green apatite embraces your big dreams with an accent on your heart  it is the place where your dreams become true - where desire becomes real. 


16.25” goldfill accents