All for Love garland


This one is the mother of my All for Love collection & it’s energy & feel are astonishing! Multi-faceted, diverse shapes of bountiful Rose Quartz dance with titanium washed moonstones light up a woman’s heart. The color? A beautiful pink - not a young girl’s pink but a wise woman’s pink - natural, sensual & inviting. 
It’s rare to find to find Rose Quartz with such color & clarity & truthfully, I’ve been hanging on to these because they are no longer available. There’s some much light & love flowing through these stones - I have been waiting for the right time to deliver the last few necklaces from these stones. The titanium washed moonstones in grey & blush provide the perfect accents for a truly loving & heart-opening necklace. Silvery Keishi pearls complete the energy & look. Whether you’re inviting in more  self-compassion or a romantic partner, this the necklace - it’s All for Love. 
16” with 3” extender ending in graduated gems. Goldfill accents.