Kelli Davis Designs

Intentional Jewelry 

Autumn is moving into winter & change is everywhere! Can you feel it? Our roots grow deeper as do the colors that surround us. Citrine captures the fading sunlight. Garnets remind us of our commitment to all that we love. Aquamarines & Blue Chalcedony keep our eyes to the skies of possibility. Pyrite keeps the body strong. As the days shorten & the light fades, we take it inside & adorn our selves to light our way. 

 A thousand thank you's to everyone who has supported my work. I love to adorn you & am committed to adding beauty & encouragement to the world. There are many gems that encourage health & well-being & I would love to help you choose something personal & powerful for YOU.

Take good care of yourselves & each other. This is how we thrive.

 This is a time for LOVE & KINDNESS & the beauty of BECOMING.

with love,


P.S. Thanks to technology, even in these times, we can meet privately over the airwaves & create around your specific wants, dreams, challenges & conditions. This way, I can offer my skills as an intuitive artist & healer to create something both personal & powerful for YOU.