Welcome to Kelli Davis Designs

I weave my talents as an artist, healer and inspirer to create pure energetic poetry in precious stones, pearls and metals. Try on my extraordinary creations of Citrine, Amethyst, Tourmaline, and Aquamarine to name a few, in colors that only the Earth could dream up.

Feel the cool clarity of the stones against your skin and let their warm energies fill your heart and remind you of all that you are. Gaze at your own goddess reflection as their powerful qualities work with your energies to create an even more radiant, sensual and inspired you. Your friends, your lover and even perfect strangers will notice something different about your new glow.

The collections are created around my inner and outer adventures - because I love to travel in so many realms. Whether I'm with elephants in Thailand or spending time with someone like you, discovery is what I live for both in the extraordinary and the ordinary. Then I translate my inspiration and discoveries into the colors and energies of stones in combinations that are meaningful and timely.

Also available are custom creations, intuited and designed especially for you. Choose one of my unique art-cut crystals from Brazil as the perfect talisman for a necklace that takes you into the next level of your intentions and dreams.

Celebrate an important event or transition in your life (or someone you love) with extraordinary and very personal adornment from Kelli Davis Designs

Adorn Your Dreams