There's No Place Like Home long chain


A sumptuous Labradorite pendant with colors that you can only imagine. Have you ever seen the cenotes near Tulum, Mexico? They are limestone underground caverns carved out by water over eons. The colors reflecting off the walls and water, are like something out of a dream...or perhaps the primordial soup that created the cosmos. Like the stars, Labradorite is a reminder of the mystery you come from and bring to this world. We are literally made of stardust - science has proven this. Each one is different, like people, like Labradorite and is the reason why you will reach for one Labradorite instead of the other - it's as if they remind you of your personal home in the stars. 

Citrine adds the golden glow of the sun - filled with confidence and abundance in all things. It enhances the feeling of "home" and there is nothing quite like it. Many of us have wandered through life feeling like strangers & wondering what we are doing here?

Blue Apatite assists in making your dreams come true, especially the ones you haven't even finished, yet. It also helps harmonize the throat chakra & is great for public speaking or simply sharing more of your inspiration. 

Fluorite adds protection that works in a particular way. It organizes your energy, so that you feel more of you and less of the noise & static surrounding you. Rather than shielding you with something contrived, it helps fill you in with YOU.

If you are a sensitive person or have ever felt a little lost in the world or just need a little boost of "Yes, I belong in this world & it's time to share my gifts" this is a great necklace for you. And yes, I wear Labradorite all the time. :-)

approx 34" of glowing gems & hammered gold fill chain (including pendant)

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