Rhodochrosite & Green Garnets


From the heart of the forest comes this beautiful necklace of Rhodochrosite, Green Garnets & Citrine. It’s rare to find a pendant in this size with such deep color - fitting, too, for Rhodochrosite is deeply healing for hearts, relationships & even childhood trauma. It heals in such a way that keeps the heart open & safe while allowing truth to be revealed & freedom to be experienced. It is playful & positive, too, as it lightens the heart & mood. 
Green Garnets complete the heart healing as they steer you towards what is at the heart of the matter - your heart & your commitment & devotion to your path & all that you love.
Citrine empowers the whole effect with abundance, confidence & encouragement like the sun shining down on you saying “yes, you are everything you ever dreamed of & more.”

16” with 2.5”extender ending in graduated gems. 
goldfill & goldplate accents. 

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