Honey on Your Heart


These are the colors of the forest around me as the season turns. Honey maples express glorious displays of rich greens & golds even as they fall to the ground. Honey mushrooms & sulphur tufts adorn the forest decay. It’s as if nature wants to remember it’s beauty for the next cycle, so it pours honey on the world & on our own hearts as we move into winter. 

Imperial topaz from Brazil keeps the inner flames going while manifesting allies & resources for your endeavors. Green & gold Beryl keep you on course, calms the mind, generates courage & filters out distractions. Sound good?Citrine adds the honey as it sweetens & uplifts you with abundance in all things - mood, $$, & blessings. 

16” with a 2” extendable chain ending in graduated gems. Goldfill & gold plate accents

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